How to create a list

  • Click on word lists and add a new list.
  • Enter a name, a description, choose a language & start adding lemma's.
  • Each lemma has two elements, separated by a pipeline. The first element is what appears in the texts, while the second part is your comment on this. You can prepare this list in Excel first if you like and then paste it here.
  • Our lemma here looks like this: Although,|Although is not a transition! It should never occur at the start of a sentence, followed by a comma.
  • For now, let's save this demonstration list & see what it actually does. First, go to an assignment and use this list for both teacher and student.
  • If a student enters a text that contains the string Although,, then it will be highlighted in the text. When the cursor hovers over the mistake, the comment is displayed, warning the student about his/her imminent mistake. Luckily, the student can still go back & correct his/her text.
  • If a teacher starts correcting texts, then elements from this list will also be highlighted, making it easier for the teacher to spot for instance, common mistakes, spelling mistakes.